Up e a r l y, sleep l a t e.

These thoughts talking all before I fall.

Asleep is where I cant go. 

Because thoughts converse with e v e r y soul. 

These decisive thoughts have some evil trick .. to let the sleep run away.

Not one cow jumped over the moon.. not today , anyway.  

Why are they here? Cant you lower it down some?

These thoughts are so loud.

I would call them yellow thats neon.                                       Ugh.

They tell me Im wrong, yet It will be alright.

They say I should do this, then change it to another sight.

Am I going insane? Can you think up that answer?  

Its like I wanna get away, take a vacation.

So I wake up with a sigh of relief... I thinnk...?

Just to realize these thought are here forever to think.


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