The Way Out of the Ditch


For those who have fallen into a ditch

And then have kept digging until they see no way out…


“Just ask any question”

For those who don’t know what questions to ask

For those who are scared their voices will crack


“Just be yourself”

For those who don’t know who they are anymore

For those who feel they’ve taken some steps back


“Just don’t give up”

The world would be different without you in it

You are here for a reason, so sky’s the limit


It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks

You are You, so make the best of it


The world is your oyster

Positivity key.


“Just stand up straight”


                 And always remember,


 “Just make today great”


There will always be a future,

so you should focus on the now.


The happier you are in life,

The more you will attract.




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