Failure: My Fuel


United States
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She was,
Independent, Smart, Diligent,
Now she is,
Despondent, Weak, Pathetic--
She was,
my Idol, my bestfriend, My Mother.
Now she is,
a Lush, a deadbeat, A Stranger--

So what has changed her?
Was it me?? No!--

I believe she changed due to failure.

She was,
my inspiration,
my motivation,
the fuel to my fire.
Now she is,
My Inspiritation,
My Motivation,
My Fuel to My Fire--

Inspite of her failure.



Through out my life I was surrounded by alcohol, drugs and violence. I took that negative energy and turned it around to benifit me. I saw everyone around me fail, and all I wanted was success. I worked and stayed in many homes, just managing to get through school. I have gained total independence at the age 19 all because of others addictions. I do not judge nor look down on those with dependecy problems. I share there pain, because it is an illness. I plan on taking my experiences and turning them into a career. I plan on becoming a psychologist and help my loved ones and many others overcome addiction. I am so thankful for my struggles because without them, I'd be no one.

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