I write...

Thu, 08/15/2013 - 21:18 -- Dyl.Tee

Why do I write?

I write... to seek fulfillment of my dreams.
I write... to express feelings and emotions in the lines between.
I write... to truly prove what determination means. In the meantime,
I write... to let my freedom ring.

I write... so my legacy will be remembered as that of a king.
I write... to support my future family's every need.
I write... to inspire others to follow my lead. But while I'm leading,
I write... in order to make my plans succeed.

I write... because my passion has turned me into a fiend.
I write... to paint vivid pictures of my mental scenes.
I write... to illustrate the artistic side of my personality. But personally,
I write... to release the wavelengths of my inner scream.

I write... to make those who doubt me believe, ultimately,
I write... because my God allows me to breathe.


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