Looking for a Larger Life

For me, I got to experience poetry first through my sister. She is five years older than me and all I aspire to be.

I remember clear as all day when I was in grade school and she would be a cool teen (as in thirteen...). She would tell us all about what she learned in school that day.

I sat attentively; I thought she was awesome.

She would proceed to talk about poems and this genre and I liked the idea of it all. Growing up, I got to see and live poetry through other ways.

I started to write.

At first, it was about my little knowledge on love and family. It was silly, but necessary. I then had to switch because I got so inspired.

It was mere feelings that inspire me.

And now, I cannot stop. I have my favorite black notebook that I pick and write poems in. It is one of my proudest possessions.

I write in all my languages and I have so much to say about nothing and everything.

That's why I still write.

I will always write.

This poem is about: 
My family
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