Broken Capsules

I would kill for a pill that would make me feel,

So happy inside, 

Fill me with pride and confidence,

If someone offered it to me,

I'd happily agree to take it with me,

Make me feel like there is something I can be,

Free, freedom is what I need, 

Free from all the stress and the sadness,

Always feeling depressed,

During the weekdays and the weekends.

Smile, girl, smile for yourself.

Change your life, be well. 

Theres something wrong but no one can tell because your heart fell,

But your energy and "happy" didn't,

Then what is it?

Whats making you feel down?

Whats causing your frown?

All these thoughts make my happy drown, 

And Lord knows I can't swim,

So neither can it.

Its crazy how fast my life is changing at this life- threatening pace,

Oh God! My happy has been misplaced,

I can't find it, I'm blinded by the workload and the pressure, 

To look impressive,

To be impressive,

To always wear dresses, 

But I'm more of a jean girl,

Living in my dream world,

But I ain't no dream girl.

Heh, if someone offered me that pill, 

I will...

Gladly decline because I can't swallow pills.


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