Wake up early craving inspiration

Going through the metal detectors, is this my invitation?

Poetry is an art, but school is a fart

Especially when you have food that makes you want to barf

Ramming your things in a very tiny locker

While the security guards follow you around like an unrelenting stalker

School is where you learn, but I am very concerned

Should we mope around thinking it would be more exciting in an urn?

Teachers should excite us, ignite us with knowledge

So we can be more prepared and fascinated to go to college

But we still have those teachers who bore us death

And give us nasty attitudes and stamp F’s on our chests

We just want those teachers who are eager to teach

Instead of those tedious instructors who bore us to sleep

In elementary the teachers loved us and truly cared

But these teachers now are mean, snobby, and unfair

The inspiration of students to have love for school is gone

And the urge to get to school is awfully wrong

We need more inspiration to touch our hearts

And we need some wonderful teachers to give us that spark

So next time when you’re thinking about hiring a teacher

Please don’t employ a dull, monotonous creature


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