A Blank Canvas


A Blank Canvas - thats how it starts.

On paper or between the lines, it sets a world apart.

An invisible line caught in a stroke of blue,

A hopeful song sung in a hopeful tune,

A swirl of emotions in one line of words,

A different way of flying without following the birds,

A way to know you love without a heartbeat,

A different way of standing without relying on two feet.

It's the gliding of a pen or the erasing of a mistake

that makes a world so unreal thats all for you to partake.

It's like a drop of water that pours into a flood 

that drowns you in mystery and cleans like mud.

It towers like a tree - the hard part it to find it.

It burns like a candle that first has to be lit.

Its where colors don't matter as long as they're YOURS.

Where boredon does nothing but open doors.

Where fantasy clones into fiction,

Where smooth surfaces give way to friction,

Where silence becomes a scream and a scream a song,

Where everything is worth the time, nomatter how long,

Where going nowhere will take your breath away,

Where nothing is nonsense and all evil starts to decay,

Where times prolong themselves and carves it all in stone,

Where you're surrounded by voids, but you're never alone.

It goes as far as you want it to,

As wide as the vast ocean blue.

An escape from this cage,

A break from this RAGE

Where you're never alone

Since it's all set in stone

when evil decays

and your breath is taken away.

No matter how long,

A scream becomes a song

to give way to friction

and clones into fiction.

To open all the doors

that are all YOURS

it has to be lit

or it'll be hard to find it.

It cleans like mud

to fall into a flood

that's all for you to partake

at the erasing of a mistake.

Relying on two feet

without a heartbeat

and following the bird

all depicted in one line of words.

A hopeful song sung in a hopeful tune,

An invisable wind caught in a stroke of blue,

On paper or between the lines, it sets a world apart.

A blank canvas and an open mind - That's where it starts. 




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