the journey of love


Lost in an abundance of love,

The lover gives the her heart a chance.

It’s been months since their friendship

Has grown they have been together in sickness.

And Each day becomes another diaries page.

“Another day of endless love” is how the book tends to flow.


They both dream at night; while memories flow.

They’re brought back to a better time of life and love

There journey and endless love is written in every page

like a family bible with stories of chance.

But once their joy drowns and sickness

Invades their hearts hatred surrounds their friendship


Such was their love But lies broke their friendship

Happiness was lost and sorrows were on the flow

Everyday the lover was invaded with sickness

She missed his smile and love

Yet, she gave their love no second chance

to be happy. She said, “ Your love was the pen and my heart was the page.”


And so the ink spread and covered the diaries page.

It left it dark and unlovely like their friendship,

The sight of darkness tolled her not give her heart another chance

To not care and let fire flow

From each vain and cover their old love.

Forgiveness seemed more painful, love to her was sickness.


Now her home turned to darker shades representing sickness

Brown tints of oldness became of the unfinished page.

The people remember their laughter and love

But know all that was just a breeze of a friendship 

Gone wrong and the years of solitude flow.

No one dare to ask for another chance.


Yet, she doesn't regret the time she gave her heart a chance

When her love was powerful and their was no sickness 

When her passion would flow

And her dreams would transfer into her diaries page.

He remembers all the times she would rescue their friendship

Yet, she got tired of salvaging their love


And the stories of giving love another chance were on each page.

Flipping through times of sickness, love, and friendship

Their love would flow yet not its just old memories of love.


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