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Here's to the ones that allow negativity to swell their minds
To only see the falsehoods implemented by their brain
Who don't see what is in front of them, but has believed to see within each and every positive action
As an opposing force.
To those who have allowed and opened the doors to evil because they couldn't quite find the good anymore.
To those that cannot dare to see that genuine acts of kindness exist because the world has only proven that it is an empty void
And that they will forever be alone.
Here's to the ones that fight the battles of the mind in the ones they love
To only be pushed back by the force of those who scream and cry
Just leave me to be and to believe what I have chosen to true
When every "I love you, and I care"
Means just
“Leave, and go rot; you’re worthless"
Here are to the ones that hurt every day
That know that whatever they may do is just squandered by the reigns of the devil.
Here are to the ones that want to never give up
But have, nevertheless
Because they have realized that just because you can't try anymore
Doesn't mean you care any less
They have just learned that one must fall to be just as great
And that even if you may see that one you have loved, and cared
And see a figure, not a human
A shell and not a soul
That you just know that somewhere inside
There is something wanting to be loved
But that you can't love them anymore.
And even though so many people will inject their poisonous opinions and lies into our skulls to create something bigger than it had to be
One must know they are wrong, when the other may believe they are right
It doesn't matter after all.
If one knows the truth of the intention, then those intentions will be true
And the other will one day see
When reflecting back on the dark days of their life
That this one event was not to hurt, destroy or kill them inside
But it was a lesson in life and love
That you have to let go, to truly live and grow
That you have to let go of the ones you love
To have them look the evil of our society in the eye and scream to them
"I am stronger than you and I'm better off without you"
Instead of to the one that wanted to save them.
That's what you hold onto
That they will see that truth in this one decision you made
In that one action, that will forever seem selfish to everyone besides the initiator of the action
Because someone has to make the decisions even though they know that people will harass them, will curse them and will want to kill them with their words all because they don't see the good within that one choice.
That the pain is worth it
Solely for the result in the end
For the other to realize that all events happen for a reason and that all choices are made out of love for you
Even when it means you are both alone in the end.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

life is about choices
some are good, some are bad
if you are around people that make good choices, listen to all the wisdom
if you are around people that make bad choices, remove yourself from them because its toxic
do what makes you happy
great job with this poem
im a power poetry mentor-keep writing

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