Ordinarily Beautiful


Is what we are without all the excess

Is what the world looks like day to day

Ordinary is what leads us to success

When we live life as we may  


Ordinary shows much beauty

As we look deep into our character

For beauty is only skin deep, cutie

So go ahead, look inside, what you'll see will make you merrier  


Though we all want to branch away from being, feeling, acting ordinary

By putting on makeup, changing our personalities, editing ourselves

We end up unknowingly live our lives in solitary

Placing our souls, are being, our bodies on the shelves


It isn't until we find inspiration

From the beauty surrounding us or perhaps within

When we let the sun shine the dust off, releasing feelings of desolation

Allowing us to grin  


It isn't until we find the courage

To take that leap of faith, jumping off the shelf

Releasing all that baggage, so we can flourish

Finally feeling proud of our self  


Yes, being ordinary may sound terrifying

When all we want is to be unique, extraordinary

And you may believe I am lying

But doesn't extraordinary things begin from the ordinary?  


There is a lot of beauty in ordinary things

Isn't that the point? Now, show your wings!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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