Love, What Is It?

What Should Be A Simple Question?

But Yet Is Asked By Many

Do You Have To First Lust To Love

If You Ask Me You'll Receive A Shrug

Said Often Only Out Of Curiosity

Or Just A Simple Thought,

How Do Fall Into Something

That Has Never Been Taught

How Do We Fight, Care, Hurt, & Shed Tears

For The One's We Just So Called Love,

I'll Be Rude To Say We Do It Just Because

People Say You Don't Go Out Looking For It

Love Will & Can Only Can Come Naturally

Well, People Don't Live Forever, Is My Thought

What If Love Doesn't Do As People Say It Will Do

What If Love Doesn't Play It's Part,

Before The Cold, Silent, Sense, Of Death Is Caught

Will You Miss Out On Your Chance

Does Love Just Pop Up & Grab You By The Hand

How Do You See Something That Had No Sight

Something Shadowed In What Is Every-Day Life

Am I Someone Trying To Be Smart, No

Just Someone Not Lurking But, Yet Waiting

For This Hole Steady Growing To Be Filled In My Heart

So What Is Love I'm Done, It’s About Time To Park

You Know For Me This All Started w/A Simple Thought

One Little Question That I Still Can’t Answer

So..You Tell Me,

 What Is L-O-V-E?


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