My Dad

Sun, 10/21/2018 - 01:06 -- ThomasB

My Buddy. He's gone.

My Pal. He's gone.

My Coach. He's gone.

My Example. He's gone.

My Support. He's gone.

Cancer, I hate you.

His Pain. It's gone.

His Suffering. It's gone.

His Fear. It's gone.

His Determination. It's gone.

His Endurance. It's gone.

Cancer, you took his body, but not his spirit.

His Eyes. They're mine.

His Faith. It's mine.

His Love. It's mine.

His Goodness. It's mine.

His Words. They're mine.

Cancer, you don't win.

All he left behind is greater than what you stole.

It is multiplied in my brother and me.

It will multiply through us.

His Essence. It's ours.

It's who we are. We're his.






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My family
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