Keep holding on.

You'll drop anything, to help the one who suffers.


You're like a candle , you'll burn yourself just to give light to others.


A super hero without the mask and cape.


Haunted by a villain who you can't escape.


Always know exactly what to say


but at the end of the day


you can't even take your own advice.


And for that you pay the price.


The walls of your bed room hold in what you can't.


Pray for a fairy godmother with only one wish you wish she'd grant.


Maybe a Jimminy cricket that will tell you exactly what to do.


If only someone just knew.


Alone and helpless feel like you lost your fight.


But I promise you'll be alright.


When push comes to shove


you taste what you're made of.


I'm not saying that there wont be days you'll break


cause that’s all you can take.


That there wont be days you'll be on your knees and look up.


Tell God you finally had enough.


When the cold hard rain just wont quit


and you can't seem to see your way out of it


Find your faith that has been lost and shaken.


Take back what has been taken.


When your heart is full of doubt


and you think there is no way out...


When you feel like all your will power is gone


keep holding on.  


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