The Judgement of a Blind Man:


I'm the person i am today, because of the person i was yesterday. Pushing myself further into the future because I'm no longer interested in what you think of me. I'm more concerned about finding a way to better myself each day. I refuse to loiter around a situation i am no longer capable of changing. The man above expects us to learn from our past mistakes in life and love. If he wanted to make it easy, he could. As easy as hopping in a time machine to change what we've done, he would. Though he hasn't. If learning is what the lord wants, you should. It's crazy how quick a person is to judge you when they know nothing of you. For the simple fact that your appearance doesn't match their expectations. How do you know if a book is worth the read without reading the description? Most people only catch interest by the picture on the cover & you know what they say, you should never judge a book by it.


Only if we all had the judgement of a blind man... It would not matter the color of your skin, because who could tell? - We are all equal, but not identical. Some choose to go about things differently & apparently that sets a racial difference between us. I beg to differ, the only difference between all of us is culture. Not how ghetto you are, how good you can fight or what you look like but traditions, food, and location. Like the leaves on a tree in spring, we are each individual but all a piece of the same beginning. We are all apart of the same world.


Only if we all had the judgement of a blind man... It would not matter how big you are because the only type of big we really recognize is a big heart. The rhythm beneath your chest. Skinny people look at fat people as if they're different, but fat people look at skinny people as if their normal. But really depending on the person... Define normal. Normal is looking in the mirror to seek the person you're satisfied in seeing. Notice those who are judged most, judge least and it would make no sense to jump into a fight when you're already losing.


Only if we all had the judgement of a blind man... It would not matter the brands people had on because we couldn't tell the difference between them anyway. So a blind man wouldn't mind. Though i am not blind, i have a open mind. I am expansive to a difference in routine. Considering the fact, the same thing gets boring after a while. Yesterday is not present. I believe there is room for change in every human beings mind and body. Change only exists if you create it. And please don't let others be the reason for it. I've learned to block out all the ignorance and irrelevance because I've got no room for those who lack inelegance - going out of their way to shoot others down to boost their own confidence. This generation is based off of 3 things... judgement, stereotyping & unofficial rules. If you are not judging, then you are being judged. Being black, does not make you ghetto. Being white, does not make you better. 16 & pregnant? you lack luck. Everyones judges you? who gives a fuck.


I know none of you are blinded because of the looks given. & If looks could kill, i would no longer exist. My bad decisions have gone good. Every poor choice i've made has made me a better person. Call me misunderstood. So i can't allow myself to be affected by them anymore, all insecurities beside, i am able to hold my head high and i now am aware of my value. Some people tend to forget theirs and go about solving it in multiple different ways. Testing each solution until their insecurities fade. Acting as a game of russian roulette, theres always a chance your judgment will affect - not everyone, but someone in a negative way. & now i know no matter how times a gun has been put to my feelings, i will never allow this generations judgement to effect my healing.


But thats when it comes to being judged... I'm ashamed to say but i've judged just as much as i've been judged. I plead guilty when it comes to judgement & if it were to been a real crime, i would have a life sentence. Although today is not yesterday. My past is my past & it cannot be edited but it can be improved. I've learned to keep to myself because every single one of you are beautiful in your own way. & I have no clue what the story is behind those faces...


Only if we all had the judgement of a blind man because you cannot judge something you cannot see. With that being said, you cannot judge someone you do not know.

- Britni



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