Thu, 01/07/2016 - 10:43 -- swimgrl

A book is just imagination

That lives on a page

Creating a reality

Where heroes rule the stage


I’ve met a boy with demigod powers

His friends are pretty cool too

I watched him save the world

Without so much as a thankyou


I’ve been to a place

Where kids have to fight to the death

One girl became their hero

And she saved them with her sister’s dying breath


I once met a boy with a wand

Who stood up for what was right

He battled The-One-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

Saving the wizarding world when he won that fight


There was also this one girl

Who didn’t fit in a faction

Genius, bravery, and selflessness were her results

Saving her brother was her last action


The Son of Poseidon taught me that friendship is the strongest force

The Divergent Girl taught me to forgive, overcoming hate it’s source

The Girl on Fire taught me to be brave, even in the midst of war

The Boy Who Lived taught me that we all need something to die for


They taught me to get back up when I felt like staying down

To stand up for what was right even when no one else is around

But I don’t need a bow or a wand or a knife

To be the hero in my own life


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