To My Idol


If you only knewShe devotes her life to youSupports everything you doApproves of every moveHer life was once a mess andShe fell victim to depressionBut that voice caught her attentionAnd you brought out her best, manEven when she hit her all-time lowAnd believed it was her time to goIt was that dreamlike voice aloneThat stopped the girl from doing soYou'll forever be her saviorYour impact on her, beyond majorThough she never met you, you're no strangerAnd one day she shall return the favorNow she no longer lives in fearBecause you told her, "I'm right here"Rarely does she shed a tearYou've strengthened her beyond her yearsThere's so much you've helped her throughWhich nobody else could doLet her take a moment to thank youMy idol, if you only knew.


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