My Apocalypse


My Apocalypse written: 5/1/10


Your cool black eyes haunt my dreams.

I can’t seem to let you go, even in my sleep.


You’re very different in this realm,

I can’t help but wish you acted like this in life.


Every single time, I try to sneak away.

Yet you always end up blocking me.


My subconscious is trying to tell me something.

Do I need closure?

Or was I really in love with you?


I’m afraid of these questions.

But, I’m more afraid of the answers.


I’m beggin you.

Please don’t meet me tonight.


I’ll just wake up as that scared little girl,

I’ve always been.


But of course, you like that scared girl don’t you?

That’s how you always reeled me in.



Lets change the game around.


Instead I’ll haunt your precious mind

with questions that need answers

and closures that are unwanted.


Twist and Turn.


I hope you wake up confused and surprised.

I hope you lose sleep tonight

and you’ll get bags underneath those cool, black eyes.


I win.


Tonight, sweet dreams will

visit me.


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