Little Birds


Little birds sing

High notes sprung here

Low notes there

To create

A melody

Like sprinkles on a cake

A rainbow of song

Is released

In those notes

Are hidden meanings

Life’s secrets

Children’s dreams


Tickle our imagination

Like cats’ whiskers

And butterfly wings

And still

The little birds sing

Breathing emotion

Into all living beings

Showing their souls

The way

As if we were all


In a maze

That has captured us

With its enchantments

Delirious incantations

Making up the tune

That forever lasts

Inside our heads

Like an elephant

We never forget

The depths of our past

The tune of our song

That was shown to us

By little birds

They don’t understand

The human mind

It is endless

Crevices filled

And overflowing

Like a bathtub

Spilling over soft memories

Gentle thoughts

And steamy emotions

And those little birds

Keep singing

And their tune carries on

As our own


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