I Look Up to You

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 12:30 -- nunamo


Drums of the Serengeti
Red dirt
Dark faces and bodies.
They call Americans copies.
Full of History
They always seem so pissed to me.
Diamonds are born.
My people should be scorned!
Because of the rebels of course
Cheetahs, lions, antelope in the west
They sleep with them.
No bad feelings stuck in their chest.
The rightful home of my ancestors
The sun is blazing.
Hurting my eyes
No opulence but plenty starvation.
I can hear their cry!
But I feel for you my people.
I wish I was able to feed you.
You’re the strongest.
So to me you’re very wealthy.
One day I will come and give you what I can.
Have faith Africa.
You are in God’s hands.
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