We Are the Children of the Dream


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Here we are
Here we stand
We are living out God's own plan
We are the children of the dream
I don't need another new year to start a change
I am a change
I'm not living my life in fear to act out righteously
Because honestly
The world is a stage
And I will be playing out in wonders
A dream that a man cried out
Like a storm roaring out its thunders
that everyone six feet under had heard

The call to all is burning
and we will not sit still
Dr. King inspired
Lit our spirits on fire
Ignited our courage
Set aflame a higher purpose
Put to name a greater cause
That'll all be worth it
And we shall move without pause
Without any indication of doubting a change
Because if we see things are wrong, they won't be for long
We won't expect them to stay the same

We are called to dream
Dream together, and make it reality
Energize a world using our individual vitalities
See the change happen gradually
Our work will chorus, our work will sing
Dream a dream of opportunity and equality
Live in solidarity, get rid of disparities
We will take the model of Dr. Martin Luther King

This message has lasted for more years than I have been alive
Which isn't that long but I
I always find the time to thank MLK
Mr. MLK who had tons to say
He said it
The words that were left unspoken by his people
The words that needed to be heard by all
He took those words and stood tall by them
And with those words he took his fall
But with those words he formed his dream

You and I, we are the children of that dream
We are meant to carry out that same message
Light the world like the stars that gleam down on us
Every single day
No matter how much time passes, no matter how long it may seem
His words will never fade away

This message, it brought us something
Something we should all know by now it's called equality
Yes equality. It is about the quality of that equality and the quantity at which we make an effort to spread it
You and I are a change
Take the time to think about it
This place, the place you've lived in, the place some might have taken for granted
Think about how different it would be if he hadn't
If hadn't took that stand
If he hadn't given us that helping hand
Think of the imbalance. The challenges we would face.
The faces of the people we might not have been able to meet
That have graced our hearts and filled the seats around us
I'd like to thank you Mr. King
For filling our world with more opportunity
Now it is our duty, Our call to keep living out the dream because
We are the children of the dream
We are the children of the words spoken by Martin Luther King
And as the children it is our mission to keep it going
Keep on showing love for our brothers and sisters
For all of the women and the misters
Keep that love going strong
It took the action of one man and like a chain reaction we will rid the world of evil one malefaction at a time
Know someone that needs your help?
Be there.
Have a friend that isn't doing so well?
Be there.
See someone that you don't know?
A person that has fallen on the side of the street,
a person that doesn't have anything to eat,
a person on the bus in need of a seat,
a person who looks down that you can warmly greet.
Be there for them. Be there for all of them.
Because we are the children of the same thing
Call us a band, a family, a movement, a team
It is rooted in our hearts
To rid the pollution of inconsiderate remarks
That fill this world, This beautiful world
Bring peace, Bring love, Bring the art
The art of yourself
Brighten the world with yourself
Because that's all you need
We are the children of the dream.

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