When the Grass Speaks

"Raise that head up! Straighten that spine!

Now fall. Arch your vertebrae and touch the ground."


Rise and fall. Straighten and bend.

Like soldiers we obey every command of the wind,

For who are we to cut our own path?

Who are we to sprout where the gravel grows?


We are blades that have lost our sting,

Dull to the touch and indifferent to the world.


"Now bend!"


This time - this time we say - we will resist.


"But how can you - you're just a weed," they say.

"A pest that we trample on underfoot

Who oftentimes gets in the way.

And anyhow, there's no point.

Your green hue will eventually dim

Pale yellow. Like a dying star your days

Are numbered in the change in the air,

The pollution in the skies. So bend I say,

Bend! Just blow with the wind, it's easier."


Yes, death is inevitable, but it is life

That we were given to use! So we band

In solidarity with the knowledge that

People will destroy what they don't

Understand. Yet for as long as we stand we will

Provide shelter for the land,

We will house the creatures below, and clothe the soil.


You will know us by our fruits for we will

Beautify a garden and grow

Where we see opportunity -

Grow through the gravel and grow through the cracks -

For these struggles are windows of potential.


Man cannot stop what God has ordained

So we will sprout where unexpected. Rise

When the world tries to blow us to the ground.

Lift our heads when they demean us, and grow.

 --------------------------------------------------------- Grow on, Little One.

Romans 14:8 (NIV) "If we live, we live for the Lord; and if we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord."


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