Love (Power Trip freestyle)


Forty poems later but for you this is number one, read this and I’ll show you more to come.

Dear lord give me the confidence, this girl’s got me in the power trip.

I mean it’s got me up all night singing these love songs, screaming out these thoughts making me feeling all strong.

Let me explain. First impression I never thought I could even say hi, your beauty got me higher than cloud nine. Heart beats racing faster than NASCAR five hundred words a minute and all I’m feeling is this love song.

Now look with the first words out my mouth the rest was all just bringing it down south.

Want to show you peace; want to be sweet so this love song is to make you feel B-

Eautiful, your looks alone got me feeling weak, hard to think it’s already been a week.

I’m praying to god to say yes to this request, what you doing May 3rd? Wanna chill tryna kick it? While I wait your answer I’ll be here singing.

That you got me up all night and all I’m singing is love songs.


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