(poems go here)Poetry.

Words and phrases that are manipulated to create a message.


Life and adversity manipulated me, thus creating the being I am today.

Poetry, a new found love.

Someone I can always turn to when reality seems to fail me.

But when I write, everything is alright.

I hold my pen to the paper and write with ease.

Thoughts flow and transfer like a cool waterfall on a bright and sunny day.

There are no clouds, no rain, nothing.

Just pure thoughts.

I write to express my pain. 

I write to express my happiness.

I write to express my excitement for my future.

I write because I am blessed.

Poetry has no set structure. 

Essesntially, there are no rules until you begin writing.

Rules pertaining to structure, meter, blank v erse, free verse, end rhyme, slant rhyme, and other poetic devices.

But in the end...

Your poetry is what you make it.

The meaning behind poetry is up to your interpretation.

I write to please.

I write to uplift.

I write to inspire.

I write for ME.

I write to clearly express my thoughts in the form of metaphors, alliterations, and similies.

And at times, I may keep it simple and just tell you how I feel.

But that's too easy...

Life isn't easy...

So why make poetry?

I write for my mom

My deceased brother

And my father.

I write for my family.

Although they may not read  my poetry,

I bless them in my writings.

I write for love.

For truth.

And everything in this world that is REAL.

Regardless of the prompt, I write for me.

Because at the end, me and my poetry is all I have.


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