Inspiration at Midnight


United States
34° 16' 13.62" N, 109° 41' 15.8604" W

Why am I so inspired?
I'm not tired.
It's almost midnight,
But I got to write.
Words in my head,
Won't let me go to bed.
I'll just let them flow,
Until they get slow.
Something big could happen,
So no more laughin'.
You got my lines,
Don't plant your mines.
I'm smart you know,
But that's your woe.
This could be insane,
To write in the rain,
But it's me talking,
So keep on balking.
I'm not gonna fear,
No sting in your spear.
Maybe you're right?
Should I give up this fight?
Now, your sweet smile,
Oh! I could run a mile.
What is that you say?
You want me to lay;
To go to sleep,
And not take a foolish leap.
You tell me rest,
Is for my best.
I will give in,
Alright, you win.
It was sure fun,
But now I'm done.
So goodnight,
Tomorrow I'll write.


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