Daughters II


We met up and we went out,
I listened to every word
from your mommas mouth,
I knew then she'd be the one,
The one I would live with,
I knew she'd be the one,
The one I'd have kids with,
Daughter or the son
Either way you'd be my center,
I'd live like a flower for a sun,
It gets no better

As long as you're happy,
I'm happy, as long as you do great
Despite troubles we may go through,
I'm not allowing time to waste,
I hold you up above, you're the one
The only one, my love

I'm running through the screens
California dreams, going for stardom
Trying to go farther, than my dead
beat father, riding with my daughter,
Taking these teachings from my mother, hopefully she remembers what we've taught her

Realize that she'll grow up soon, walking her to the bus stop, now she's driving on her way to school,
Going to the mall, parties, and what not

Live better than the ancestors before you,
Drugs and thugs in the streets don't know love,
Give you up before you even know what's up,
Then you get shot up with the block you were cooling on

I'm running through and through
New York scheming, trying for money, quick dreaming but it's fleeting, the bills are stacking up, your mom is acting up, trying to make me give up, but no I'm going on and out for us

Big lights flashing, the new kid is rapping, everyone is asking for money, now I'm asking what happened, when I was homeless and you said my dreams weren't worth it, every piece of earth I was on, everyone would try to scorch it

Concrete jungles, running and jumping through this thing, trying to teach you all the right things, don't have sex young, don't get down with guys that act dumb, or run around with the guys that carry guns

Follow your dreams baby,
Plan your schemes baby,
You're gonna grow
You're gonna go farther
Learn from me baby,
I'll always be your father,
I know you're not born yet,
But still you're my daughter

I knew one day a diamond would grow from the Earth
I knew one day I'd reach the soul of this world
I knew one day things would go right from last to first
I never knew it'd come from you,
My beautiful baby girl

I never knew you'd wipe tears from my eyes,
I never knew you'd get on me for times I'd lie,
I never knew you'd go on and do my wrongs right,
I never knew you'd come along and change my life

I'm thinking ahead,
Know you deserve a man,
That will live for you,
In every way that he can
But call me whenever you need me,
For advice or a helping hand,
Because you'll always be my baby,
I hope I'll always be your man

Trying to live right and go farther,
Hope she'll take everything that I taught her,
Lessons I learned from my mother,
Wrote this while we were riding around together,
One day you'll get older and I'll try not to bother,
Just know I love you as your father,
Always for my beautiful seed,
My true love, my daughter.


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