The Moment


United States
41° 14' 2.5332" N, 96° 6' 56.1348" W
United States
41° 14' 2.5332" N, 96° 6' 56.1348" W

Life is unfair

The adults all preach it

But it takes so long for you to believe it

You ride the waves

Until the board breaks

Now it’s drowning

All you can do is see as you sink

You see the signs

Warnings for you to wait

Before that decision

That causes the break

You’re on a streak and you can’t seem to stop

They scream at your wildness

You can’t see the rock

It is never expected

And beneath you

You see

Is the rift

And the bump in the sea

Where all seems to be lost

If only you had hidden safe at home

Healing takes a lifetime

And you come out alone

All appears fine

Although it’s not truly right

You will not show it

Now is not the time for a fight

Just live for now

Maybe someday you won’t have to hide

For your feelings will be bandaged

And locked away from the sky


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