The Flawlessness From Inside

Fri, 12/19/2014 - 07:10 -- Cered


I am flawless, though not everyone knows

I am flawless, doesn't it already show?

the media may try to convince otherwise

like the sun may try to convince me it's midnight

putting aside my inspiring attributes from inside

and dragging attention towards my flaws on the outside


I know what I am, for I see myself in the mirror everyday

I am a little boy with a sublime heart, well that's what some say

some might say I am a big boy with a heart equaled in size

a boy who is willing to fight when the time is right

who cares as much for others as for himself

a boy who thinks "us", instead of "myself"

a boy with an empathy so bright

a stranger's tears shine on his eyes


outsiders may aspire to persuade, manipulate or confuse that boy, but they can only try

because they can't affect his flawlessness, the flawlessness that reigns from inside



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