A Life in the Light

I have many-a successes in my life

Although I have not always lived in the light

In the light of what is doing what is right

It has always been a fight


I try to do what makes my parents proud

Even when they aren’t around

With my mom always working

And my dad…. Well, was overworking


But I never saw my dad overworking

For he overworked until he could work no more

He could work no more because he fell asleep and never came back

Because he had a heart attack


My life so far has been inspired by him

But my accomplishments compared to him have been slim

The light that he would have had in my life is dim

Only because I never knew him


So, for him, this poem is dedicated and inspired by

Dad, I hope I am doing it right

I used to dream of the moments I have right now

As I look up to heaven and ask, “Dad, are you proud?”

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