Polaroid Boy

In an Instagram world

You’re a Polaroid;

A fresh classic at heart,

Full of life and color


Undeterred by the norm,

You brim with good vibes;

Spreading tailor-made rays

Of sunlight through the trees


Your laugh is outrageous -

I strain just to hear

The tear-bringing joy sound

That bursts forth from your frame


Yes, that is the image

In you, Polaroid,

That the focus is on,

To best capture the light


Mirth, it forms in your eyes,

And now in my mind,

As I take mental shots

Of you rolling with glee


Oh, my Polaroid friend,

With your flashing smile,

And those belly laugh jokes,

You spread love instantly


One snapshot of you, child,

I share with the world

That you expose to me

In your own awesome way

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