When Lightning Speaks

Crashing to the ground without direction but somehow with precision,

I find myself momentarily in touch with all

That is in the world and just as quickly out of place with it.


I am alone.

Do you know the feeling?


There is no one to share my heartache with,

My woes. I tumble to the Earth

And the world calls me angry -

And maybe I am -

But truthfully, I'm just trying to connect.


I tiptoe and oh!

Sometimes I manage it,

I touch the soil with sensations that would make you

Gasp and kiss the stone with tender care,

But everything seems to dissolve under my grasp.

Ashen and crumble.

As if destruction is all I am good for.


So I leave as fast as I can -

It was a risk to even try.


But wait!

The plants, the plants from the Maker's Hands

They're calling out for me.

They say that I'm a breath of fresh air

In a world clenching ever so tightly to their throats.


How can I be rejected by so many but loved by another?

Do you know the feeling?


You see, Little One,

You are Lightning.

Radiant and Breathtaking.

So blinding to some that maybe they

Ran away and left you in the smoke.


But so Striking to the select few who

Daily choose to chase after you.

Oh, thank God for you.


I think, I may just return to this place.

I may just stay.

There's something warm in me now,

Surging and swelling.



I can't quite name it,

It's electrifying, but,

Do you know the feeling?




Radiate on, Little One.


Mark 5:36 (NIV) "Overhearing what they said, Jesus told him, "Don't be afraid; just believe.""


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