Thank You Dad

On this world of 7 billion

Me? I'm 1 in a trillion

Unlike some of you out there,

I voice my opinion and do not care

If you think I'm right or wrong

That's the secret to staying strong. 

Kids are all about selfies and hash tags 

While I'm working and putting groceries in bags. 

The world is not as pretty as it may seem

What happened to the so-called "American Dream"?

Some of us struggle just to get by

I hope, pray, and believe; that's why my throne is high. 

Dear Mr. President: I hope one day,

This once-beautiful world won't look so grey. 

Our generation can make the change the core

Of a society so focused on guns and war. 

Illuminate us all to a brighter view

And take the path followed by the few. 

I know I may be small and minute, 

But let's end the dispute. 

Anyone can make a change

Men or women, big or small, white or black, the whole range. 

As I conclude this poem today, 

I must thank the man who passed away. 

I love you dad, you'll be forever missed, 

That will never change, even if you no longer exist. 


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