I was inspired by Brooklyn..


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I was always fascinated by the universe of New York and all the stars that hailed from its solar system but Brooklyn was a bitter taste that was hard to swallow. Growing up you heard stories, some urban legends, about the type of people who lived in Brooklyn and how visually distasteful it was and I believed every word spoken, every thought thought and every presumption made. Brooklyn was the borough that you would get your shoes stolen, where you had to be in a gang and where nothing made sense. Even with all of these presumption and somewhat fears, I was fascinated and curious. I wanted to walk the streets, meet the people and see what Brooklyn offered besides juvuey and the Labor Day parade. My experience of Brooklyn was a parkway of crowed bodies moving to the beat of island drums, like waves being moved by the delicate rhythm of wind swaying back and forth.
—-My first taste of Brooklyn was 5”11 and beautiful both inside and out. Besides the food and the annual parade I saw no reason to cross that border that separated me from Brooklyn until now. My first rondeau with Brooklyn was nothing short of breathing taking. I would scale the streets for every fear that the imagination concocted about Brooklyn before finally reaching my destination. I looked at the way the night kissed the streets and the streets filled with glee sparkled back. I watched the way the street lights teased the masculine exterior of the brown stones that stretched what seems to be miles long and how the soft summer breeze cooled every crevice of its surroundings. I knew I fell in love but it was too early to say. That night I slept in the comfort that Brooklyn provided me with and I held it close.
— morning came and Brooklyn lit up, it smiled as the sun touched it, it danced as it listened to the sound of busy feets walking and rushing by and I felt Brooklyn say hi. Brooklyn unaware to me, held stored a love and freedom I’ve never tasted and I embraced it. A love I’ve never witnessed called Brooklyn home and the journey into its kingdom was nothing shy of magical. Brooklyn held, touched, kissed and set parts of me free that manhattan held captive and it was time to be set free.
—-parading the streets of Brooklyn I found lost parts of myself around every corner and it was a new feel. Words flowed out of me in rythmic passion crashing into uncharted parts of me, bringing it to life and branding its mark in the very essence of my soul. The sound of Brooklyn rang loud and clear and I heard its tune, I heard the melody it spoke and I danced, I danced until night covered the sun and the stars lit the dark clouds of night and even then I danced. That night when the streets were quite and all was left was sleep, I heard the sweet lullaby of jazz and the comfort whisper of poets and as I turned in the sweet,soft comfort of brooklyn’s bed, I looked into the eyes of Brooklyn and felt love returned.



A Love that has no match called Brooklyn home so i was inspired by the place that my love loves.

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