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Society stalks me,
A spectre of the REM world,
Like Krueger…it creeps up on me,
Only this time…I know I won’t wake up.
My life is a terrible secret, trapped inside Pandora’s Box.
I run down the creepy corridors, full speed ahead
But not even Norris could outrun this beast.
I hear a faint scraping at my side…
It’s already gotten me.
Writhing, I gasp for air as my ribcages pour out with crimson red blood.
I hear the laughter of many as I struggle for precious 02…
“You suck”
“You’re ugly as shit”
“Nobody will ever love you”
“You’re such a douchebag”
“Go kill yourself, you sociopathic emo”
“Nice arms…go cut yourself again, faggot”
All the taunts slam into my head like a Tank drilling into a wooden house.
At the very last moment, as the blade is about to pierce my bloody broken heart,
I awake.
Society vanishes, the bullies vanish, the taunts vanish.
Familiar scents greet my nose, smothered under a blanket of tears.
I’m still here.
I’m still alive.
I’m not giving up.
I’m not letting them win.
Society is just a vicarious nightmare, it will never catch me.
Never. Not so long as I know it’s all a dream.
All fake.
All lies.


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