One Job May Change My Life


One job that may change my life is a cosmetologist. A cosmetologist because that’s my dream job. I want to become one because i love anything beauty related. Makeup is my passion. I just love that fact that i can express myself by just putting makeup on. It could be colorful, fun, bright or just a natural look. There are so many looks you can create. It's fun to do, it keeps me busy. even when i'm bored I just like to experiment.Even if its just Applying Makeup or even my hair or maybe even doing  my nails. I think this would really change my life because I would be doing what I like to do and having a passion for. You might not think being one can change someones life but it really can it can boost someone's confidence for example, like myself it makes me so much more confident it can make me feel good about my self and how I look. To take this path towards becoming one I would need to go to a beauty school for 9+months but in order to go that route I first need to graduate high school. If I wanted to have my own salon some day a business class would be very helpful. Some things that I think may stand in my way is maybe the price for the beauty school. I know they can be very expensive. Money is the main issue i may have.


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