Maturing the Mind

Education is key to maturing the mind.

Without it, all of mankind

Would be hopelessly blind,

Forever coarse and unrefined.


Education’s far more than words found in a tome.

Without it, we would still as hunters roam.

Education’s built societies, shiny and chrome. 

Every boon’s due to learning, from planes to styrofoam.


Most important for the one receiving an education.

It changes your view, giving you a foundation,

Of logic and reason with which to make any observation.

Seeing the world and people anew with inflamed appreciation.


But despite all that humanity’s completed,

We must strive to never grow conceited,

For always new problems arise that must be defeated.

And all may fall to ruin if these ills are left untreated.


Education has an infinite goal: pursuit of knowledge,

And so there will forever be a need for college...

Now we come to a lone person in such a vast subject,

What can one student do to such vital problems affect?


A single student on a single campus, stepping into a new world.

What can such a person do with such horizons now unfurled?

Education’s heart lies here, and here it starts its goal.

That fire of knowledge burns now that he’s surrounded by proverbial charcoal.


This student, first unsure, will find a flood of inspiration.

In a place steeped in reason and argumentation.

The student learns not just how to craft every word and phrase,

But how to travel paths uncharted, truly trailblaze.


Over the years, this student gains a solid will,

Coming from his knowledge and his intellectual skill.

But he is not an island unto himself, but more an archipelago,

And as he himself flowers, he’s helped others to grow.


Soon enough it is time for him to graduate.

The change in this student, one cannot exaggerate.

What was once raw has been molded, 

Now it was time that the rest of his life unfolded.


And maybe that student went on to revolutionize,

Or maybe he would just his dreams actualize,

Either way, education has made the world less dim.

With enough educated like that, the future looks less grim.


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