Because I Love You I Did Not Change

I met him on a monday

Lockers slamming, talking in our ears

My mind a messy place

A pallet for an artist

Our first date was at the movies

He paid for my ticket

I insisted on food

Melted butter and m&m’s, my fingers sticky

Elbows touching, unmoving

The wallet in my pocket a little lighter

He sat with me at lunch

Questions at my friends

They laugh and give me approving winks

Our fourth date was at the park

My back itchy from the grass

Curious brown and blue eyes looking up at the darkening sky

His fingers bettween mine, my heart beating like Lepus

“I love you” slipped from my mouth in the fourth month

A kiss and a hug

The heat reaches my cheeks

I woke up next to him

Memories of music and immortal smiles

Late night and innocent heavy eyes

Our last date was his couch

We held our breaths till our lungs burst

Crossed legs a foot apart

clutching hurting stomachs

Laughter so much laughter

He left me on a monday

Black gowns and shifting tassels

A step out the door

My mind a messy place

A pallet for an artist


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