Who Am I?


Who am I?

I am the person who you wish you could be

I am the wind beneath the wings of intelligence

Soaring above the haters

Exceeding any obstacles that I come by

Who am I?

I am the one who sits back and listens

The quiet one in the corner

Understanding everything but not commenting

Laughing at the ignorance of femals who fight over worthless boys

Yes boys because men wouldnt make you act that way

Feeling shameful for those males who

abandon the children they create

And the women who have to deal with the negativity

Who am I?

I am the bird sitting on the tree

Chirping sweet sounds

Hoping to make the world prettier

With my pleasureable sound

I am the voice of reason

Helping change lives one at a time

Still wondering who I am

I am me

I am unique

I am your sister

I am your friend

But most importantly I am my

Brothers keeper


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