I am me

Wed, 08/05/2015 - 14:28 -- rhannah
I am me 
Sometimes I'm out going 
Sometimes I'm shy 
Sometimes I cry 
I am me 
Sometimes I partake in the selfish and whimsical joke that is love 
Sometimes I feel like chopping my heart up into 165 pieces because the memory of having loved you hurts me beyond belief 
Sometimes I wish I stayed with you longer
I am me 
Sometimes I'm rebellious 
Sometimes I act like a child 
Sometimes I live in a bewitching, Illusionary innocence
I am me 
Sometimes I can be lonely
Sometimes I think I can't do it 
Sometimes I don't understand
I am me 
Even with all these challenges 
I am a get-back-up girl
I try and have a can-do attitude
I promise myself I won't cry anymore
Because my smile is like the sun
I can't feel down I need to get right back up 
I need to shine brightly without holding back 
If you can't convince one person
How can you win the entire world over? 
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