A Release

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Ready GO!

I begin sprinting down many different paths,

one leads into the next and suddenly,

I've fallen;

into a pool of creativity where the possibilities are endless. 

When the pool dries up, I begin running down different hallways,

jiggling every single doorknob, seeing which will open.

When one door opens; I have found it again! 

My creativity.

What fuels it? 

Imagination and dreams

Hope and desire

My passion for speaking to people through the written word.

In the end,

after running down many hallways and paths,

I am exausted, but the end result however?

Nothing short of a work of art ,flowing from begining to end,

written in my words. 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thats the beauty of life

its about finding oneself and doing whatever it takes to achieve

you'll go through failures, you'll go through successes

its important to believe in yourself and trust your talents

keep writing

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