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The fresh scent of urine and city musk shot up to my nostrils as we got off of the overly crowded
F train. Heavenly scent.
We walk to Washington Square Park where for me times stops and not only can I see the beauty of this park but I can feel it in my bones.
From the black paint chipped benches to the healy detailed, Renaissance-like Washington Square Park Arch that stands there like a historical figure, this park exudes tranquility.
A tingling sensation begins to occur in my stomach , it was a if someone was taking a light feather and rubbing it across my stomach . Butterflies.
We begin to approach the water fountain and in the glare of the water I can see New York University’s royal purple banner waving proudly with authority in the ripples of the water.
There are little boys and girls running around and splashing into puddles of water , there are the tourists that have so many cameras that all of the straps begin to look like a web , and there are those who sit on the chipped benches , with the sun glaring in their eye at the perfect time, and who absorb the different walks of life that trace through the trails of this park .
The smells of roasted peanuts begin travel through the air along with the smell of dog feces
...then suddenly we leave the park and we enter back into the world , where people are pushing and shoving others to get back to reality.


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