Savage B r e a k d o w n

Sat, 07/20/2013 - 01:10 -- CXNCO


..This is the savage breakdown of a girl with dreams and aspirations

Devotion to a craft, practice with no HONEST reciprocations.

Enclaves of nothes and I play em all in different keys--- chords,

Pay your fee and all aboard, because this gravy train is here to please can you afford?

Travlin up your neck,

I pluck,

you fret,

you strum,

And I hum harmonies you hunger for.

Together we create sweet jazz, your crescendo never made me scat so fast like


Yet my broken chords math the melody of yours, bonding us closer towards


Its not ficticious, Im really feeling him... and him... and him

Enclaves of notes and I play em all in different keys,

You dont have to complete my scale just stop at do... re...mi

Cause I aint conceited but sol la ti spells out G-A-B

Meaning ''gimme a beat'', It aint hard to keep rhythm just. Tap. Your. Feet.

Swaying back and forth arpeggiating while I lay back evaluating how stimulating it is

In this place...

... And that place

With this face...

...And that face

His face... 

... In my space

No HONEST reciprocations

Cause this is the savage breakdown of a girl with dreams and aspirations

Devoted to a craft of musical creattion.



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