What is it?

Mon, 07/15/2013 - 17:08 -- FFEmMcG

Writing is liberation, it's freedom, it's experssion, it's talent. 

Writing is confidence, intelligence, it's inspiration, it's power.

Writing is a mask, an outlet, a safe place, it's scary. 

Writing is anonymous, it's public, it's opinionated.

Writing is all of that and more, because it's someones diary or novel or text book. Writing is giving and taking knowledge, it's giving someone the ability to challenge society and social standards. Writing is you being you, it's emtoinal and deafening. 

It can keep someone sane or drag them towards insanity. 

It can take a sentance or a verse to understand. 

It can be interrpeted as anything, for anyone, at any time. 

It's versatile, it's a double standard, it's pushing someones limits. 

You can use writing for enjoyment, for teaching, for rebellion. 

You can apply it to blogging or texting. 

Writing is the opportunity to let your voice be heard without speaking. It's the safety net of defying a powerful force, because you can defend yourself with words because they'll continue to go after the words. 

Writing is everything and nothing, it's important while dull, it's exhilerating while tiring all at once. More importantly, writing is my expression, it's me, and without I'd be another face in the crowd with nothing to say.


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