To the Good Times

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 00:01 -- babz365

Let’s raise a glass

To a time where my thoughts ran wild

Carefree with the wind

A time where decisions were made for me

Bobby Petula.

As strange as it seems, I took him everywhere.

Separate me from my rainbow colored teddy bear?

No one would dear

He followed me everywhere I went

Never to leave my side

We were Bonnie and Clyde

Inseparable some might say.


The agony I felt

That fretful day losing B.P.

Couldn’t sleep

Thought life itself would stop

Months went by

Middle school days drifted on

Who would’ve thought that he was hiding

Soaking up his thoughts on the floor of my closet

How I lost him under my mess I’ll never know

Something was quite different

I didn’t feel attached to cool Booby P anymore

Of course he’d always be my confidant

A shoulder I could rest my head on

Yet I realized I am strong on my own

No longer relying on imaginary pals to get me through the night

It was a rush of freedom


No longer that frail little girl

I was ready to tackle 7th grade on my own two


With dreams to conquer

Friends to make

A new me emerged.


Let’s raise a glass

To the imaginary friends that kept us young

To the sandbox days where thoughts ran wild

To the good times. 

It's now time to glow up and grow up.

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