Collection of Haiku Poems for Inspiration


United States
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Shrouded in Darkness,
A Spark of Ingenuity,
Hope ignites all.

Peace, Serenity
Hands all interconnected,
Mankind's problems all solved.

The Will to move on,
Stopping only to Listen,
True Enlightenment.

Worries washed away,
Inhibition cleansed artfully
This is real Freedom.

Imagine a Place,
Of Dreams and Accomplishments.
Our Generation.

We Stand together,
To Ascend above Sorrow,
Reaching Happiness.

Stand Strong with Both Legs,
Express Freely with Both Arms,
Love all with One Heart.

A guide through Darkness,
A Beacon from the lighthouse,
I will be that Light.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

hope ignites despair

love outweighs the hate

faith inspires drive to continue living

nice poem-liked it-keep writing

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