Day by day

The sun rises and the sun sets

The stars glisten and the animals are at rest

All you do is just wonder, wonder what brought me here

That of course is logical, your parents

Your parents brought you to this life

But you wonder what is life?

What we need to do to persue in "life"

What the top universites are looking for in this "life"

Sitting home watching tv, is that a "life"?

Playing sports until you can't breathe, is that "life"?

Or is just just looking up at the sky and seeing how 1 galaxy is equivalent to billions of stars

Or how the sun rays beam against your skin, making you go from white to red in matters of seconds

What is life?

What does life even mean?

Is it how we chose to live?

Or is the exceptionations your parents pertrayed on you since you were younger

To become a surgeon, a lawyer, a politician

When all you wanted to become was a princess, or a rockstar


Multiple ways to live your life

Just the meaning of life is bigger then a 4 letter word

A 4 letter word that you can mash up and make the word file

or stand tall like the Efil tower 

Its your life, live it, breath it, own it

Once again, it is your life. 

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