Boy To Man

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 22:26 -- JBWELL3





From Tonka Toys to Tick Tock on a clock


The time has come to put the childish things away


This prince must now become King


The training is over!!! I step into the ring


Juvenile repetitions cannot become my encircling prison


I must break free...out of this box of the old me


 The old me whose buried beneath sands of yesterday 


And covered with earthly sheets of past memories


 The Pendulum game between soothing familiarity and fearful uncertainty ends now 


So I leap out this swing of confusion towards greatness


This is the change from a Boy to a Man


I have always wanted to be a superhero


So instead of wearing capes and mask, I placed on a divine suit of armor and removed my carnal veil to reveal to the world my true identity


So I leave to carnal fantasies to pursue destiny


For my mission is to help those I have been called legacy


This is the divine plan


Moving from extending my needy hands to working to fulfill what my Father commands


Selfish denial has now become maturity because I know...and I understand


That its time to change and go from a boy to a man


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem displays growth

this piece reflects the importance of manhood in terms of maturity , and taking responsibility for one's actions

keep writing

build off your creative ideas brother

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