I Found You

I Found You


You were hiding in the inner most corners of my soul

Quiet and unnoticed you sat there saying not a word

You would never scream or call out for help

And the worst part is

I could never hear you even squeak

You sat there all alone waiting

Waiting to be discovered


But one night it all changed

I found you in a dark cave all alone

I spoke to you and took you with me on a journey

I took you to places you had never seen before

To parks and rivers

To strangers and friends

To art and poems

I showed you the world

I showed you life


And now you have changed my life

You filled me daily with your emotions

And taught me what it is to live

You reminded me of the little things in life

And how important they were

You filled me whole

And you showed me what it is to see through you


You motivate me day by day

And inspire me to follow my dreams

I have come to know you so well

That I now breathe and speak of you

I smile daily because of you

I feel a rush throughout my body every time you speak


You taught me what it is to love

And how to love

You told me your many secrets

And showed me how to love everyone and everything

And I carry you everywhere I go


Love, don’t you ever go

I cannot live without you

I cannot breathe without you

For I now see the world through you, Love



Don’t you ever go

I have found you

This poem is about: 
Our world


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