Infinity and Beyond...For a Dream?


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When I was a child, this one question came up a lot,
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
My answer was always “A teacher ,” but with that answer people fought.
“Being a teacher only gives you small pay, that will only fill a small cup!”
“Don’t forget the whining students, grading the papers, and lack of sleep!”
No support and constant negativity made me give up on my dreams.
For a while, the possibility of ever being a teacher was put to the side.
But throughout my childhood, something I loved was helping it seems.
Caring less that following my dreams could end me up on a rollercoaster ride .

Helping, teaching, and saving people are what make me happy .
Satisfied, knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life,
I definitely get it from my pappy.

Teaching one subject in a classroom is not the only way to be a teacher,
I know I can pursue my dream in so many ways.
There’s so much to do as a teacher, a unique creature.

I want to be a teacher, a mentor, a helper,
And one who can make a difference in the world.
I’m ready to share my knowledge.
I’m ready to save someone if they’re drowning in the ocean.
I’m ready to teach someone all the languages I know,
To close up the communication gap in this world.
I’m ready to motivate someone and help him/her gain confidence,
Just so they can pursue their dreams too.
I’m ready to travel to a third-world country,
And provide education to all the kids I could get to.

I’m ready,
To go beyond a classroom,
To go beyond the sky,
To go infinity and beyond,
To pursue my dream, in the biggest way possible.

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