Sailing Through Life


Our faith is our sail

Intuition the wind

The life we've built for ourselves is the hull beneath our feet

The world may get rough at times

The seas shaky and the winds turbulent

Sometimes you need to let go of your hold on faith

Drop your sail and wait out the storm

It is only when the clouds clear and the waves subside that you can raise your sail back up

Through the dropping of your sail you are able to regain faith at a stronger purpose

Rather than driving blindly into a storm and being tossed aside like a kite in a hurricane

You ride it out and live to see another day, with faith stronger than ever before

For the wind is our intuition

And intuition is what guides you

If it demands that you drop your sail

You drop it

If it allows you to raise it

You raise it up

But without faith we go nowhere

And without a sail we are stranded and lost

Once we raise our sail up our destinations are limitless

But before we may reach our destination we must first wait on the wind

So when intuition calls

Raise your sail

And let it carry you along your path


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